Monday, August 29, 2011

The race has begun.....

     As you know, school has started up and college classes have begun! Life now becomes one GIANT race. A race to school, to class, to get homework done (Mine and the kids!), to speech therapy, to volleyball practices and games, to get dinner done before I leave for class....... . One BIG race!! I've always considered myself a strong person, I have been through so much in my life and sometimes the mere fact that I am still breathing makes me appreciate my strength.....BUT, when things are this hectic and hurried, I feel like I am drowning in a sea of "to do" lists! I can feel the pressure on my chest to the point that it is hard to breathe! I guess a bunch of "little things" aren't so bad, but they can pile up,  and when combined with the "BIG things"- the important things in life, it becomes unbearable at times. I won't get into the larger issues I have to deal with  every single day of my life, but I know every mother (and yes, those single Dads that are out there as well!) can relate to this race we have all just begun! The countdown to Christmas break is on!!

     On a positive note, even though it is going to be a hectic semester, I think it will be a good one! I have finally arrived to the part of my "career" as a student where ALL my classes are relevant to my major. So far, they seem really interesting and I am excited about learning! After this semester I have 2 more semesters of classes and then one semester of an internship! After that, I will be going on to get my Master's degree, which will take 2 more semesters. I went back to college (Jan 2010), on an IMPULSE (if you can believe!), and this is one of the rare times that being impulsive has paid off! When I think about how far I have come, I can honestly say I am PROUD of myself. There is not a whole lot in my life that I can say that about, but I am proud of overcoming my weakness in math (if you can call it was more like I was "illiterate" in math-if there was such a thing!) and conquering it despite my fears and past failures! I have heard it said that being brave is not about being without fear, but rather being afraid and doing it anyway! Whatever you feel has held you back in life, look it right in the eye and conquer it! Begin to speak positively to yourself (most importantly!)  and about yourself and it will change your life!
..........well, I just heard the starting bell for the day and the race is now on!

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